Being deaf doesn’t mean being incapable

Listen Up Foundation with the DeafNOW! initiative seeks to educate and empower Deaf people and those with whom they interact, families, educators, and the general public.

Through various forms of innovative education and outreach, our activities will provide access to all deaf Bulgarians to all of Bulgarian society.

The power of Human Potential

The power of human potential--We need to get acquainted with the untapped potential of Deaf people.

Mrs. Denitsa Sacheva, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in Bulgaria

The power of Deaf Education

The power of full access to education for deaf people is the key to prosperity, empowerment, and equity.

Dr. Kathleen Wood, Professor at Gallaudet University, Mother of two Deaf daughters, Washington, DC


When there is a will, there is a way. Nothing for us without us!

Georgia Whalen, Deputy President of Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf, Ontario, Canada
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To many deaf people, the world often seems judgmental and restrictive.

Accessible education for deaf people is quite limited, which can leave deaf students feeling incompetent, isolated, and left out.  Feeling ostracized becomes the norm. Most of the general public does not understand the unique challenges facing deaf people. They simply have no information on the subject. They have not received the knowledge necessary for effective social interaction, communication, and how to provide educational and information access for Deaf people.

What if every deaf person could access a new way of being?

What would happen if every Deaf person had a full life where they were respected, included, and empowered? What if everything were possible, whether Deaf or hearing? Career, family, friends – everything was accessible?  If the general public could understand what Deaf people face in their daily lives, they would be more inclined to work with deaf people to provide equitable support at all times, creating a kind of harmony.

Deaf NOW! supports the empowerment of Deaf people through education.

The mission of our team is to show the importance of education for deaf people.

Deaf NOW! exists to make this dream come true.

It’s time for the deaf community to be fully recognized and appreciated. And this will happen through interaction, empowerment, and education. Together we can take a stand on the rights of deaf people in Bulgaria.

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Listen UP Foundation with a new Management Board

Listen UP Foundation already has a new Management Board. It’s now made up of representatives of the Bulgarian Deaf community. This change will enable new board members to bring new energy and ideas to the organization’s development in the forthcoming years. We wish them all good luck and success!

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Announcement of the start of Deaf NOW!

20th February 2020 is an important date for the Bulgarian Deaf community. On this day we officially announced the launch of Deaf NOW! The initiative will work to ensure equality and empowerment of deaf people through quality and innovative Deaf education practices. The ultimate goal of the project is to pave the path for quality […]