Deaf people experience the world mostly through their eyesight.

For one, many Deaf people are extremely observant visually . Many have a keen interest in what is going on around them. This visual acuity and alertness to their surroundings is how they get involved and engage socially. They have dreams, passions and goals – just like everyone else. And many deaf Bulgarians communicate in Bulgarian Sign Language. The only difference between deaf and hearing Bulgarians is that they cannot hear.  

Success is, on the one hand, when we see deaf children and young people motivated to learn, develop skills, and not give up, and believe in themselves. To see and feel the world they live in is truly inclusive of them. On the other hand, to witness empathy among people who interact with them and respectfully accept the uniqueness of sign language and the culture of deaf people.

The DeafNOW! initiative contributes to empowering deaf people through education and building a strong community.

The Deaf NOW! contributes to the empowerment of deaf people through education and the creation of a strong community around these values. Our educational and training programs are aimed at supporting both deaf people and the people who interact with them. For Deaf people we offer learning opportunities with innovative educational experiences, resources, and good practices. We strive to provide bilingual resources, which are the result of joint work between deaf people and their partners engaged in education and research.

Quality education for deaf people

We strive to support educational institutions, including training centers, university programs and schools to acquire knowledge and skills and to provide inclusive environments for deaf children and youth. We work to reverse the common belief that deafness makes a person less capable. Our high quality educational resources and opportunities will be created by and for Deaf Bulgarians. 

We work hard to provide the knowledge and information needed to uphold the rights of the Deaf by changing policies and legislation. We are a strong voice for government decisions that support the Deaf community.

By building community, we can bring together people who believe in the power of the deaf.

Менторска програма

Двугодишна обучителна програма на работното място за млади глухи хора на възраст между 18 и 35 години. Основна цел на програмата е да открием техните заложби, да бъдат въвлечени в работния процес и в провеждането на обучения по осведоменост за света на глухите хора, в организиране на събития, създаване на малки бизнеси и др. Водейки тези обучения, самите те ще бъдат вдъхновителите на вашите служители, които ще станат доброволци и бъдещи ментори, влизайки в света на глухите хора и опознавайки жестовия език.

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