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Today’s pandemic crisis surprised all of us. It created a situation in which everything comes to light: fears, opportunities, courage, hopelessness, alternatives, losses.  This world crisis shone a light on an urgent information access need for Deaf Bulgarians.  They watched crucial news, accompanied by Bulgarian Sign Language interpretation, but all-too-often when the Sign language Interpretation video screen ended abruptly, so did their hope. Their questions remain, the fear, the misunderstanding, the feeling of abandonment. Deaf people in Bulgaria could not call anyone for assistance and clarification. They could not search or find reliable channels of communication in case of need. And this need for awareness and targeting of adequate social support measures will only increase in the coming months and perhaps years, as a result of the human and economic consequences caused of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why DeafNOW! has established the Sign for Full Access Fund for the provision of information services through Bulgarian Sign Language.

This fund will support provision of sustainable daily up-to-date information, accessible to the deaf community through video materials in Bulgarian Sign Language. The information will be adapted into sign language by deaf people and borrowed from reliable and objective sources. 

In addition, the websites of key government institutions and agencies will be made accessible with Bulgarian Sign Language content. The teams of the Vzaimno & Listen Up Foundations consists of experienced video operators and editors who have been trained to  master the challenges. Let’s turn the crisis into an opportunity together. Together we can do more!  Support us to provide deaf people with full access to the information they deserve, like any Bulgarian citizen! Donate now! Let us support the deaf people of Bulgaria!  Support the Sign for Full Access Fund!

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